Do you take reservations?


We offer an extremely limited amount of reservations per day and require a minimum of 24 hours notice for ALL reservations.

How do I make a reservation?


The BEST way is to Tweet at us through Twitter (Estevan) or (Royal Oak) or (Torquay). Alternatively you could text or e-mail us at [email protected] (Estevan)/[email protected] (Royal Oak)/[email protected] (Torquay). We will respond to all reservation requests within 24 hours. Reservations are not guaranteed and please ensure you receive a confirmation before assuming your booking is made!


Do you offer take-out? How Do I order?


We absolutely offer take-out! ORDER ONLINE 

I keep calling but no one answers the phone, why?

The phone is not our preferred method of communicating/connecting with our VILLAGERs. We give priority to VILLAGERs that are in house, not the ones with inquiries or trying to make bookings. That way we ensure our in house VILLAGERs receive our undivided attention. The best way to connect with us:

#1 – Tweet: @estevanvillage (Estevan) / @royaloakvillage (Royal Oak) – Response within the hour.
#2 – Email: [email protected] (Estevan) / [email protected] (Royal Oak) – Response within 24 hours. #3 iMessage: If you have an iPhone you can text us at: [email protected] (Estevan)/[email protected] (Royal Oak)

Are you open of Statutory Holidays?

Yes. All holidays with the exception of Christmas and New Years Day. Hours are 9am-2pm.

What are your hours of operation?

We open at 8am daily. We close aprox 3pm daily. We reserve the right to extend or shorten our workday. Our Twitter feed will always update if our business hours will be modified. Please check there before coming down.

What time is breakfast served until?

ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. So is Lunch.

Are you Kosher?

No. Although we have Jewish influence on our menu (traditional family recipes), we are NOT kosher. We do however strive to support local, sustainable and organic farmers.

Is your menu really 95% gluten-free?

All of our menu items can be prepared sans gluten. None of our meats or recipes contain gluten so to make it free the process is painless, usually do able with 1-2 modifications.

Are dogs welcome?

Silent, well behaved ones have been known to frequent our patio areas. We reserve the right to ask our Villagers to move the ones with bad owners.